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Mining Sites and Quarry

Mazarin Inc., through its subsidiary Asbestos Corporation Limited, owns 8 mining sites (266 million metric tons of mineral reserves), located in the MRCs des Appalaches and Robert-Cliche, representing a total area of 4,684 hectares, 59% of which is forest land, 32% is mining sites and 9% is building land. In addition, Asbestos Corporation has partnered with Béton Provincial, a leader in aggregate production, to operate our granite quarry.


Areas of Expertise

With more than a hundred years of experience in the mining field, Asbestos Corporation has modernized its practices over time. More recently, it has developed expertise in the safe and responsible handling of asbestos mine tailings.


Workers’ Health and Safety

Requires that all the people working on its sites, at least, comply with all the standards and rules established by the various government departments and agencies.


Mine Site Safety

Ensures the safety of all its sites according to high standards as approved by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forests.


Environmental Control

Had the quality of the air and water from its sites and activities measured several times by independent and certified laboratories to insure compliance.


Responsible Handling of Asbestos Mine Tailings

Has expertise in responsible handling of asbestos mine tailings on its sites.

Mine Site Area

+16,700,000 m²

Spread over 8 mining sites located in the MRCs des Appalaches and Robert-Cliche.

Granite Quarry

+100,000 tons

Our partner, Béton Provincial, produces more than 100,000 metric tons per year, on average.

Years of Expertise

+ 100 years

More than 100 years of mining in Quebec. Now we are preparing the valuation of the sites for the next 100 years.


Valorization of our Mineral Reserves

Tailing piles have a great economic advantage for their recovery: indeed, all the primary costs of mining, grinding and processing have already been amortized. Following the principles of the circular economy, these tailings rich in strategic minerals will allow a second eco-responsible and profitable transformation.

Granite Quarry: Thetford BP

Mandated by Asbestos Corporation, Béton Provincial offers a wide variety of concrete products, guaranteeing exceptional quality and the successful completion of the most ambitious construction projects. Whether you need ready-mixed or precast concrete, asphalt, crushed stone or aggregates, Béton Provincial is known for its exceptional service, along with its products that are modern, high-performance and durable.

Granulars CLASS B SAND 0 - 2.5mm
Granulars DUST 0 - 5mm
Granulars MG 112 sand
Granulars CG 14
Granulars MG 20a (M.T.Q.)
Granulars MG 20b ordinary
Granulars MG 56
Granulars MG 56b
Classified Clear Stones 14 - 20 mm
Classified Clear Stones 20 - 40 mm
Classified Clear Stones BC 5 - 14 mm
Classified Clear Stones BC 5 - 20 mm
Classified Clear Stones 100 - 200 mm
Classified Clear Stones 200 - 300 mm
Classified Clear Stones 300 - 500 mm
Abrasive ABRASIVE AB10
Other 0 - 600mm brut (Blasted Rock)

Value n°1


We act with respect for the population, nature and all our partners.

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We want to be recognized for our commitment, skills and motivation in carrying out our activities.

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We achieve what we promise, without excuses.

3R Mineral safely transforms the liabilities of another era into a new source of wealth for the shareholders and the future generations.

3R Mineral Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asbestos Corporation Limited

3R Mineral is the solution to allow our partners to extract valuable metals and minerals from our ore reserves without having to bear the responsibility of the past environmental liabilities of the mine sites while allowing its mining expertise to facilitate their projects. 3R Mineral actively supports the development of CO2 capture technologies from its ultramafic ore reserves as well as renewable energy from wind, solar, geothermal and energy storage.

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