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Responsible and profitable valorization of our assets is our priority

Corporations whose focus on the development of industrial minerals in order to provide value-added products that meet the criteria of customers worldwide with regard to performance and economic and ecological concerns. A new era is emerging.

About us

The Social Responsibilities of the Corporation

While recalling that the recovery and reuse of mine tailings can in no way be considered as a resumption of traditional mining activities, we support the establishment of a "recovery framework that takes into account the protection of the environment, the health of the population and the health of workers".

We promote the establishment of a framework conducive to a scientific, collaborative and constructive approach, in cooperation with the various ministries and the National Asbestos Observatory, a body responsible in particular for collecting, analyzing and sharing objective data, while being a space for reflection, consultation and action focused on technological innovation, the circular economy and sustainable development.

We are therefore at the dawn of a post-asbestos era in which the removal of asbestos from mine tailings and the restoration of the piles where they are stored should be the subject of an enthusiastic collective mobilization.

Stakeholders have already begun an open and frank dialogue on the best ways to build a future that next generations will be proud of and accountable to those who today have an exceptional opportunity to seize.

Area of our Properties

46,000,000 m2

59% forest land, 32% mine sites and 9% building land.

Mining Sites


Located in the MRCs des Appalaches and Robert-Cliche.

Development of Mineral Resources

+266,000,000 tons

These mineral resource reserves contain, among other things, magnesium and nickel, two materials considered critical and strategic by Canada and the United States.

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