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Revitalization of Mining Sites

Revitalization makes it possible to ecologically restore the condition of mining sites resulting from past activities. Once the work is done, the sites can once again host biodiversity and benefit from landscaping allowing the implementation of new activities.


Englobe: Solutions to Revive Degraded Sites

Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.


Restoration of Waste Rock Tailings Piles

For several years, Englobe has been vegetating some of our mine sites, including Carey, British-Canadian I and II. Other greening projects are planned.



Together with our partner Englobe, more than 26,000 trees have already been planted on the restored sites.


Site Reorganization

We have obtained a certificate of authorization for the recovery of asbestos-containing materials from civil engineering works on our site.


Water Quality on Our Sites

Several tests carried out by independent laboratories have shown that the quality of the water from our sites is environmentally good and even drinkable.


+800,000 m²

Represents more than 80 hectares of waste rock tailing piles that have been revegetated at the British Canadian I and Carey mine sites.



More than 26,000 trees have been planted to date on our site

Waste Rock Piles


20% of the waste rock piles are already vegetated and reforested.


The revegetation of the waste rock piles has allowed the nature to regain its rights rapidly

A diverse wildlife, attracted by the biodiversity of the flora, quickly reappropriated the newly vegetated territory.

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